Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

I discovered these glosses a couple months ago on a trip to my local CVS. I typically do not purchase drugstore makeup, mostly because I can't try it out first like at a department store. Out of the few times that I have picked up something on a whim, I have been unimpressed with the product. Not the case with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses. I have to give Revlon major props for stepping up their game. These glosses are amazing! They are non-sticky, moisturizing, pigmented, have no offensive smell/taste, and come in a variety of pretty shades. The packaging is also really nice. The tubes are very chic, no cheap looking like other drugstore varieties. They closely resemble the Chanel Glossimer packaging with the square tube shape, and black glossy twist off cap, and gold detail.
The shades that I picked up are: Coral Reef, Pink Pop, and Lilac Pastelle. These three shades have a cream finish and are comparable to the Mac Creamsheen Glosses. They vary in price from store to store but I believe I paid around $8 per gloss at CVS. All three shades are beautiful. (swatches below)
These glosses are pigmented enough to wear on their own but also look lovely paired with a corresponding lipstick. You could also tone down your lips with a nude lipstick and layer one of the glosses over it if you really want true color payoff.

Below are pictures of the lip glosses applied on my lips:

Coral Reef is a bright true coral color

Pink Pop is a bright fuchsia pink color
Lilac Pastelle is a wearable light lavender color

Lilac Pastelle is the most unique color and my favorite of the three. It is very wearable and looks great layered over a light pink lipstick. I will definitely be repurchasing these glosses! Go check them out, you can thank me later ;)