Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Makeup Splurge: Chanel & YSL

Hi Girls, I am sorry I have not posted in awhile. I recently went shopping and decided to splurge on two high-end makeup items that I have been lusting over for some time. I purchased the YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in #1 Nude Beige and the Chanel quad in Mystic Eyes. They are both gorgeous and perfect neutral shades for everyday wear.

I originally was interested in the Rouge Volupte color #7 Lingerie Pink but when I tried it on in the store it was way too barbie looking on me. The Nude Beige color is very subtle pinky-nude color which looks good with basically any makeup look. I will admit it that the gorgeous lipstick packaging also suckered me in making this purchase lol. The classy gold tube with YSL detailing is stunning, and it even comes with a mirror on the top of the tube to use when applying the color. Everything about this lipstick is luxe, from the packaging, to the silky texture, to the pleasant smell. This lipstick are extremely pigmented, creamy, and moisturizing which is great, especially in the dry, winter months!

The Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad is pure perfection. Sure you could say this is just another neutral palette, but Chanel always puts together colors that complement each other so well. The Mystic Eyes Quad contains four neutral shades: a light silvery-gray, a soft milky pink, a mid-tone bronzy brown, and a dark chocolate brown. There are many different ways you can wear these eyeshadows. My favorite way is to place the baby pink color on the lid, the bronze in the crease, the dark brown in the outer v, and the silvery gray as the brow-bone highlight color.

Above are the swatches of these products. The first photo was taken indoors and the second one was taken outdoors. I am really loving these products! Yes they may seem expensive, but the quality is outstanding. The colors themselves are not super unique so I am sure you could find similar colors from other companies. Although I cannot speak for the lipstick, I have had my first Chanel quad since high school so I know that this one will last a long time. Have any of you girls tried either of these products? Let me know in the comments.



  1. I LOVE Mystic Eyes, this palette looks great on almost everyone!! The colors are so smooth and creamy.

    Now I want to buy the YSL lipstick :).

  2. I tend to be a bad influence on you don't I? Oh the bright side you do have some fab new lipsticks in your collection because of me ;)