Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mac Cham-Pale Part Deux

Hi Ladies! I was bad and went back to buy more stuff from the Cham-Pale collection. I am such a sucker for these beautiful shimmery neutral shades. In addition to the I get no kick eye pencil and lavender fix +, I bought four additional items. I purchased Chez Chez Lamé Special Reserve Highlight Powder, the paint pots Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection, and the infamous Bubble Lounge Lipgelée! I was able to order these items through Nordstrom even though my store was sold out of these items. I was especially excited to get my hands on Bubble Lounge because it was initially sold out everywhere, but Nordstrom got replenishment! Check out this gorgeous color in the picture below:

I Get No Kick is a soft champagne eye pencil with a metallic sheen. See my original Cham-Pale post below for more details on this item. Chez Chez Lamé is a soft gold highlight powder with a silver sheen. The texture is very smooth and it gives a subtle glow to the skin. It is much less noticeable than a MAC mineralize skinfinish. It is somewhat similar to Nars Albatross but they are not exactly the same.

Vintage selection is a medium taupe brown with a hint of peach. It is very frosty but not sparkly. I like it for neutral looks, but to be honest I could have lived without this one. Chilled on Ice is a cool-toned shimmery pale yellow gold. The color of this product is gorgeous on my eyes, but the sparkles get everywhere if I am not careful. Another complaint I have about Chilled on Ice is that the color itself is pretty sheer.

Lastly, Bubble Lounge is a pink champagne glittered gloss with silver and pink sparkle. It looks gorgeous over light pink or nude lipsticks. I absolutely love this gloss, even though I am not really big on sparkle on the the lips. Below are swatches of all of my Cham-Pale items (except Fix + because it's clear).

Photo Taken Inside:

Photo Taken Outside:

Overall, I am enjoying my new Cham-Pale products. I cannot believe how many collections Mac is launching in such a short period of time. I skipped the Stylishly Yours and Peacocky Collections because I have been buying way too much lately. I think the next collection being launched is Wonder Women. I am on the fence about this collection. I feel like the packaging is kind of tacky, although it is a cartoon so what would I expect lol. What do you girls think about the Wonder Women Collection? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Nice haul :)
    I only got the Caviar Dreams quad.
    I love it more than anything.

  2. I wanted that quad too but I was trying not to go too crazy since I bought so many other things from Cham-Pale. I am glad you are enjoying yours :)