Sunday, January 30, 2011

EOS Refresh Hand Lotion

I am a fan of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) and their egg shaped lip balms. So naturally, when I saw this portable hand lotion added to the EOS website, I knew I wanted to try it. EOS said Rite Aid would be carrying this product come January 2011 and I have been watching for it. Well I found it today in my Rite Aid and it was the last one left! This lotion was in the isle with other hand and body lotions if anyone else is interested in tracking it down. It retails for about $3.99 and contains 1.5 oz.

The Hand lotion is called Refresh and the scent is cucumber. The scent reminds me of Bath and Body Works cucumber melon, but not quite as strong. The consistency of the lotion is on the thinner side, but it seems to be very moisturizing. It does not feel greasy like some lotions tend to do.

The packaging of this product is super cute. It is shaped like a pod and reminds me of a smooth stone. The packaging is very ergonomic with an indentation on the backside is perfect for fingers to hold. There is a cap that flips open at the bottom to dispense the product.

The EOS hand lotion is all natural, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens and phthalates. I love that their products strive to be as organic and natural as possible. Overall, I really like this hand lotion and it is the perfect size to fit in my purse. Thanks EOS for another great product!


  1. The packaging is too cute! I can't believe I haven't even tried their lipbalm...

  2. Just baught two EOS lipbalms - Summerfruit and Sweet Mint today, as well as both of the hand lotions - cucumber and the unscented one!

    Also gonna buy the Lemon Drop lipbalm soon, it smells so good, and it's got SPF 15 :D

  3. @Gaby- U must try EOS lip balm!

    @Christine - I love the Lemon Drop lip balm. I actually heard that EOS is coming out with two limited edition ones this spring!