Thursday, February 17, 2011

OPI Teenage Dream Nail Polish

Hi ladies! Guess what I just got my hands on? Katy Perry's much sought after OPI nail polish in Teenage Dream. All of the Katy Perry nail polishes have been in high demand, but Teenage Dream is by far the hardest to find. The other colors are nice, but in my opinion they are nothing special. On the other hand, Teenage Dream is really pretty and unique.

I would describe Teenage Dream as a light pink polish packed with small and medium glitter. The smaller glitter shines silver and the medium glitter has a disco effect. At first I though it was a little over the top, but the soft pink color makes it more wearable.

I used a clear base by Sally Hansen, three coats of Teenage Dream, and a clear top coat to achieve the look above. It was pretty easy to apply and layered nicely. I like that when you have two to three coats, your nail looks like it has color to it, and not just glitter. The only complaint I have is that I am sure it will be a pain to take off. All glitter polishes tend to have this problem.

If you like pink and can find this polish, I would highly recommend that you get Teenage Dream. The color is a great addition to your nail polish collection. Let me know in the comments if you have Teenage Dream or if you are planning on purchasing it.


  1. I dont know if you already tried removing it but it is a Pain to take it off.
    Everytime I want to use it I think of how hard i have to scrub and i skip it. lol. its super cute though.
    Sorry, hi im a new follower :)

  2. I know! All glitter polishes are a big pain :( I find that soaking your fingers in nail polish remover for around 30 sec before attempting to remove the polish helps get it off easier.

  3. I bought this polish after seeing your post! It is gorgeous. (I have to admit it doesn't look this soft and feminine from the bottle, but seeing it on you made up my mind for me!) I love that I can wear it and so can my 4 year old daughter - it is so pretty, light-hearted and fun! I just love it.