Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) in LA

Hi Ladies! I was able to attend IMATS this past weekend in Pasadena, CA and it was amazing! I went with my friend Tracy and we had so much fun! There were so many different makeup brands there that we did not know where to start! I saw several youtube "beauty gurus" there including JulieG, Pursebuzz, Xsparkage, Enkore, and Kandee Johnson. Tracy and I were able to attend Kandee's Seminar and had the opportunity to meet and take pictures with her which was super exciting. She is so beautiful and talented! Below are some pictures from the event.

Tracy and I at IMATS
Waiting for Kandee's Seminar
Ms. Kandee Johnson herself!

If you are able to attend an IMATS event, you should go. It was so fun to check out new makeup brands and meet people who share your enthusiasm about makeup! Everyone was so sweet and I am definitely going back next year.

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