Friday, October 1, 2010

Mac Venomous Villains Collection

Today I picked up my pre-sale items from the much anticipated Mac Venomous Villains Collection! The collection officially launched yesterday, September 30th and is expected to sell out very quickly. The Venomous Villains collection is rather large, containing four separate collections by villain: Cruella de Vil, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier.

I purchased five items from this collection, most of them being from the Evil Queen Collection:

Briar Rose Beauty Powder (Maleficent)
Oh So Fair Beauty Powder (Evil Queen)
Bite Of An Apple Blush (Evil Queen)
Innocence Beware! Lipstick (Cruella de Vil)
Sinister Lipstick (Evil Queen)

Above: Primary Packaging
Below: Product Color

On to the Product Reviews:

  • Briar Rose is a cool-toned pink with a hint of violet. It is super pretty on the cheeks and I think it will work great with a darker lip. It reminds me of Azalea Blossom Ombre from the spring color forecast collection.
  • Oh So Fair is a soft, clean pink with a slight sheen. It is very subtle on, but it will work well as a blush since I have fair skin.
  • Bite Of An Apple is a brightened coral-pink blush with a matte finish. Although it looks very bright in the pan, it can be sheered out to give a light flush. It is kind of similar to my MAC Hipness Blush from to the beach, but the packaging was too cute to pass up.
  • Innocence Beware! is a pretty nude color with a pink undertone. It is close to the colors Creme de Nude and Hue from the Mac permanent line. It is nothing special, I just like nude lipsticks.
  • Sinister is a soft brown lipstick with a plum shimmer. It is a lustre finish, so the color is sheer on the lips. I have nothing similar to this lipstick and it is a good fall color.
Swatches Below:

All in all, this collection is pretty good. There are a lot of bold, fun colors like Toxic Tale, Violetta, the mineralized eye shadows, etc. Although I thought about purchasing those items, I tried to pick things that I would actually use on a regular basis.


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  2. I love Venomous Villains collection!
    Yesterday (october 1st) ... MAC finally launched this new limited collection in Rome and I bought "bit of an apple", "truth & light"...and "toxic tale"...
    yeahhh... this products are gorgeous!!!

  3. Love love Venomous Villains Collection!!! :)

  4. Hey love this collection! Great post...Lovely blog!

  5. @Ambra Beauty- How are you liking toxic tale? I almost picked that one up.

    @Rakhshanda- Thank you! PS what did you get from the VV collection?