Sunday, April 10, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Review and Haul

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Have you ladies checked out Mac's newest collection Quite Cute? Well if you have not, you should because it is adorable and it is going fast! I had a huge list of things that I wanted to purchase, but I am trying to cut back on makeup spending so I limited myself to a couple things.

If you are a sucker for pastels and hearts, this collection is for you. It is bright, fun, and perfect for spring. The collection consists of mineralize blushes, plushglasses, lipsticks, lip liners, and an eyeshadow quad. I ended up purchasing the pink blush called Giggly and the lavender lipstick called Quite Cute. I also own In Synch lip liner, which I had purchased when it was first released last year.

My Thoughts on the Collection: The mineralize blushes are adorable, but the actual product quality is so-so. Don't get me wrong, these heart blushes are the to die for, but the pigmentation is lacking. All of the blushes are super sheer on the skin, and very powdery. I had to pack on the blush to see any color on my cheeks. Giggly was the most pigmented of the three so I ended up buying it.

All of the plushglasses are beautiful but I can't use Mac plushglasses because the formula irritates my lips. Definitely test out the product before buying it if you can to make sure that your lips handle the formula. I really liked the colors Fashion Fanatic (the pale yellow-based pink) and I Love You (the soft lilac gloss).

The lipsticks are also gorgeous and I wanted them all! Candy Yum-Yum is really pretty but it is a little too hot pink for me. Playing Coy is a nice light peachy nude that is super pale on the lips. St. Germain is a pretty pastel pink that looks gorgeous in the tube but looks a little cartoon-ish on me. It's too bad since I really like the color :(. Playtime is a bright violet color which looks really nice on for a bright pop of color. Lastly, Quite Cute is a pale lavender which reminds me of Lavender Whip, a color I missed out on a couple of years ago. I just had to have it. While it is a nice lavender, it is a little to purple on it's own so I must pair it with a pink lip gloss to make it wearable.

I passed on the nail polishes only because I already own similar colors from Essie and OPI. The eyeshadow quad is not very pigmented so I passed on that as well. I am not a huge lip liner person so I did not purchase any of the lip liners in this collection. However, I do own the In Synch lip liner from a previous collection. It is a pretty yellow-based pale pink liner.

I am really happy with this collection and I love when MAC releases really girly stuff like this. I almost wish Mac would have done special packaging (Pink Perhaps?) because that would have made this collection even better. What did you girls pick up from Mac's Quite Cute Collection? Leave me a comment :)


  1. OMG quite cute lipstick its gorgeous!!!
    love this collection & ur blog hun!

  2. Im surprised you think Giggly has more pigmentation than Sakura. I love Sakura and its so hard to get Giggly to show up.
    I picked up both of those blushes and all lipsticks. I love Quite cute with a hot pink sheer lipgloss. MAC nail polishes are way too expensive for the quality.